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NEW Website

Our New Website is well under way ... all new material will be posted at http://www.bcwaterpolo.ca

some materiall will remain on this website during the transition of archive material but for new materials, and sections already moved, after December 4, 2011 please go to the new website.



WPC Code of Conduct Signature Page

Please find attached the WPC Code of Conduct Signature Page.  This document is required to be signed by all NT and Club coaches.  The document makes reference to the Coaches of Canada Code of Conduct, which can be viewed on the WPC web site under the Coaching Development section and Ethics.  In addition, the Ethics section contains the Coaches of Canada and CAC Code of Ethics.

Please forward to your club coaches for the 0910 program year and have them return this signed form to the PSO to keep on file.

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CSL Athlete list (2009)

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