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BCWPA Officials Technical Group Terms

BC Water Polo is pleased to announce the formation of the Officials Technical Group, November 2010. This body, which will encompass all registered officials within the BCWPA, has the following mandates:

To improve the level of officiating by:

  • Providing workshops and clinics, both theoretical and technical;
  • Making teaching aids available;
  • Registering all officials in British Columbia with the B.C. Water Polo Association;
  • Conducting Disciplinary Hearings and investigations for OTG membership; and
  • Conducting regular evaluations every officiating season

To improve the game of Water Polo by:

  • Promoting good fellowship amongst Association members;
  • Promoting and maintaining high standards of relationship with Association members, officials  and coaches of the various levels of teams and leagues with whom the OTG shall make its  services available;
  • Providing opportunity for input concerning the rules and regulations involved in the “calling of  the game”; and
  •  Upholding the rules according to the most current Water Polo Canada rulebook and the most current FINA rulebook with the only exception being those rules changed or permitted within a particular tournament/event sanction.  

A group of experienced  senior officials has agreed to assist in the startup of this organization and the BCWPA has appointed Gabor Toth to act as the interim chair until the group has been fully established -  with all officiating members of BCWPA being registered -  and an election for the executive of the group can be held (sometime prior to the end of August 2011).

For more information contact Gabor Toth OTG or David Soul Executive Director, BC Water Polo Association


Official Working Group Terms

The Mandate of the OWG is to train, recruit, develop, and retain referees and minor officials in Canada. Terms as of January 2010 can be found --> here


Minor Officials Materials

Minor Officials (nov 2009) (note obsolete - new version to be posted in November 2010)

Equipment - Field of Play

Sample Score Sheet and Penalty Sheet

Sample Score Sheets


New Fina Rules are out!

The new FINA Rule Book is out. All new rules are marked in red. Please download the Fina Rule Book here.To see when the new rules will be enforced please download the Memorandum.

If you have any further question, please don't hesitate to contact us.

LFs and Es in BC - The Practice Coach

Below is the list of all certified Master Learning Facilitators (MLF), Learning Facilitators (LF), Master Evaluators (ME), and Evaluators (E) for "The Practice Coach" in BC.  For the definition of the responsibilities of the above personnel please visit the NCCP Overview page in our Coaching section.  Only those on the list below are eligible to deliver the "New" Water Polo Canada NCCP coach education program.

John Stockdale

Faye Anstey
Zach Matthews
John Stockdale

John Stockdale

Faye Anstey
James Gardiner
Justin Mitchell
Ian Mitchell
John Stockdale
Feenc Vindish

Important Documents

It is important that all referees have this information for beginners and high level.
1. Referee Development System: How to become a referee!!
2. Referee Registration form: Step 1, register yourself as a referee
3. Referee Evaluation System: How to progress and advance as a referee!!






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